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Introduction » Concrete panels and surfaces » Straight Street - Cobblestone 1:45


Straight Street - Cobblestone 1:45



Product no.: 44903
Price without Tax : 8.18 €
Price including Tax (21 %):
9.90 €

into the basket:

Road stripes made of cobblestones, so-called cat's heads for model size 0 (1/43 - 1/48).

Road width: 150 mm

Length in one package: 205 mm

Material: cardboard, into which the shapes of the cubes, as well as the channel inlets, are engraved with a laser.

Product advantages:

  • easy to process (can be divided with scissors or a modelling knife)
  • easy gluing with water-free glue (e.g. contact glues of the UHU, Tesa, etc. or Mamut glues)
  • easy coloring and weathering with acrylic modelling paints and dry pigments (e.g. Vallejo brands, etc.)