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Stone wall/ fence N

Einfassungsmauern Bruchstein N



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Stone fence N

The fence is made by engraving from solid cardboard. The set is designed for the construction of a two-sided fence, but if necessary, a one-sided fence can also be built. In this case, you will get twice the length of the fence than shown below, but the top edge will then need to be cut lengthwise with a miter saw to fit the required length.

Height of the fence including the top rail: approx. 14 mm

Length in one package: approx. 460 mm (when building a double-sided wall)

Product advantages:

  • easy to process (can be divided with scissors or a modeling knife)
  • easy gluing with glue without water content (e.g. contact adhesives of the UHU type, Tesa, etc.)
  • easy coloring and weathering with acrylic modeling paints and dry pigments (e.g. brands Vallejo, AMMO, AK, etc.)