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Introduction » Books » MODELLING SCHOOL - How to use Vegetation in your Dioramas (Bilingual)


MODELLING SCHOOL - How to use Vegetation in your Dioramas (Bilingual)



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Limited edition. Only available until stock runs out.

Paperback, 144 pages with high-quality full-color photographs.

This book is Bilingual: English & Spanish.

In this book, Jorge Porto and a team of first-class modellers explain in detail how to create vegetation for your dioramas and scenes in a realistic and efficient way. From a simple base to set the scene and bring a model to life, to more complex scenes that tell stories in great detail.

The AMMO catalogue in collaboration with Model Scene provides modelers with a large number of references to recreate a huge variety of scenic elements, covering all needs in the most common scales. This guide shows you the answers to all the questions you may have about the use of these products. Not only the basics, but also a multitude of tips and tricks to give an extra touch to your vegetation, combining references and adding other materials to faithfully represent what you want to show in your scene.

This book is a complete and exhaustive guide that explains all the necessary processes to build, detail, paint and age the different types of vegetation, which will allow you to add amazing detail and realism to your models, scenes and dioramas. In addition, in the last two chapters you will find two detailed step-by-step examples of how to create two completely different scenes that demonstrate how easy it is to use vegetation products to achieve spectacular results.